Confidential Document Shredding

With the ever-present risk that your sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands, you can't afford anything less than a secure, thorough, and cost-effective document destruction service for your business. With All American Waste's Connecticut confidential document shredding service, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that your sensitive documents, from proprietary paper documents to confidential computerized records, are destroyed quickly, efficiently and securely.

Outdated files take up valuable office space, increasing your risk of a confidentiality leak and potentially compromising your compliance with the law. All American Waste offers fully insured, highly secure document-destruction service that goes beyond shredding, to the total destruction of your sensitive materials.  Our document destruction process adheres to the strictest of standards and starts with secure collection containers that we supply, based on the needs of your business. These lockable containers are picked-up by highly professional, well-screened specialists, who transport the containers to one of our secure facilities.

Once at the local destruction facility, each container is placed in a continuously monitored secure processing area. All paper documents in the containers are shredded and then shipped to mills where they are de-inked and converted into liquid paper pulp-rendering your sensitive materials absolutely unrecoverable. We provide similarly effective destruction of non-paper materials, such as microfiche and computer disks.

All American Waste's document destruction service is not only more secure, but much more affordable than buying, operating and maintaining your own shredding equipment. We also offer the flexibility to work on-site – using our secure and self-contained mobile units- or off-site, enabling representatives of your organization to witness our document destruction process, so you can be absolutely confident that this critical task is performed to your complete satisfaction.

At All American Waste, we're dedicated to providing full-service waste management solutions that fit the way you operate, including on-site evaluations that help us tailor our services to the needs of your business. For businesses large and small, you can depend on All American Waste to keep your confidential information confidential, and to minimize the cost and hassle of the document-destruction process.

    Types of documents that should be shredded:

  • Legal Documents
  • Cancelled checks
  • Personnel files
  • Customer lists
  • Blueprints and maps
  • Old invoices and bills
  • Tax records
  • Proposals
Document Destruction dumpster

Document Destruction waste bins