Recycling Overview

At All American Waste protecting our environment is the driving force in our operations. We are leaders in sustainability and continuously invest in new technologies that are not only good for our customers, but our environment. We are proud to offer Single Stream Recycling to our commercial and residential customers, encouraging more recycling by making it easy and convenient. Our knowledgeable staff can provide a recycling plan to help your business reduce the cost of waste disposal while, most importantly, reducing your carbon footprint.

Our advanced technology and sorting facility makes it simple and convenient for you to recycle - no more sorting! Simply place all of your recyclables into one container and let us pick it up and do the rest through our state of the art Murphy Road Recycling/Automated Material Handling facilities. Contact All American Waste today to see how your business can reduce its environmental impact.

  • Family recyclingBottles and containers to recycle
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  • Recycle #3Clean & Green land