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  • Margaret (Stratfield Historic District Association): “On behalf of the Stratfield Historic District Association, we want to sincerely thank you for the donation of gloves, tools, wonderful bright sweatshirts, and the services of John Ortiz, who epitomizes the spirit of community and teamwork of your company. We appreciate your help and support more than you know. John is a member of our neighborhood, and the fact that he gives up time with his family to help us, truly says a lot about him. He represents your company extremely well and being a Director, Human Resources, you cannot buy that kind of loyalty, spirit and employee. We are very thankful for John and All American Waste. Thank you again, for your partnership and support in keeping our neighborhood clean. Thank you again.”
  • Judy (Sherman, CT): "HI. My name is Judy from Sherman, CT. My garbage day has been changed from Thursday to Tuesday. My husband and I are creatures of habit and keep forgetting to put our trash out. Today, as well as last Tuesday, CHESTER took the walk up my (steep) driveway to come get my trash because I didn't put it out. He then helped me wheel the can down and even met me half way to bring the empty one up! This is ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations! I don't know if you have an employee recognition program in your company, but CHESTER really deserves special recognition for his great work ethic and kindness. Thank you for providing us with such excellent service. Sincerely, Judy

    P.S. We will try to remember next Tuesday!"
  • Laura (Ridgefield, CT): "Just wanted to let your company know, that you have a terrific, positive and up lifting employee named Hope working for you in Accounts Receivable. I called 860-746-3200 Accounts Receivable and she was a live person that listened and wanted to help me with a great attitude. Thank You Hope!"
  • Josh McLevy, President (McLevy Builders, Inc.): "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with your excellent firm. I can always rely on All American Waste, as I have done for many years, to deliver the best service, on time, even on short notice. I want to thank your whole staff, especially my contact salesman Bob, and your drivers. My business and my reputation are reliant on professionalism in all aspects of the services I provide."
  • Bob Scofield, Bob Scofield LLC (Fairfield, CT): "Just wanted to thank you & give a big shout out to Bob who has been on his game making our every request come thru. Our project at 665 Commerce Drive here in Fairfield, as all sites, is tight. As such I really can't put 2 cans out just yet, so he has been helping out getting them swapped out as we need them. I value the service your company has provided and look forward to our continued relationship!"
  • J.R. (Brookfield, CT): "We try to be loyal to those who have always looked after us. In a time when "customer service" is often used as a catch phrase, you and your company personify what the definition should be. Thank you again, for helping us out."
  • Ryan D (New Milford, CT): "Hi! All of us at New Milford Community Ambulance would like to thank Bob Hanna, Alan Conn and the rest of the All American Waste crew for coming to our rescue yesterday. While out on a call yesterday morning we lost the chain assembly for our OnSpot automatic tire chains. Fearing we'd be in a jam for this weekend's storm, the guys from All American Waste in New Milford stepped in and donated the parts we needed to get back in the game. They even sent a service truck and crew up to handle the repair. It's very reassuring to know that we've got such great neighbors looking after us."
  • Kathleen (Coventry, CT): "Hi! I just wanted to thank you for excellent service! This morning my garbage was not picked up (I think I had the can a little bit hidden by a tree...my fault I'm sure) so I called. The driver returned IMMEDIATELY! My (almost) 2 yr old son and I watched and waved from the window and the driver returned our wave and gave a few honks. My son LOVED it and it made our day!!!! It might sound silly but I wanted to cry because it was just SO nice and appreciated!!! :) I hope you can relay this message to the wonderful driver who picked up and went above and beyond on 11/13. Thank you again! ~Kathleen~"
  • Rod Swift, GM, (Brewer Stratford Marina): "Thank you for the service this year. All was very good. Great drivers, good attitudes."
  • Laura-Jean (Danbury, CT): "I have to say, the gentleman who picked up our garbage today was very delightful my grandmother got home late last night from work and forgot to put the trash can down. And no one woke up in time to put it out for the 6:30 am pick up. Our pick up guy was nice enough to grab the garbage can from the top of the driveway and bring it down for it to he dumped into the truck. Thank you so much! It was to my understanding that we didn't have a choice to go with this company due to unknown reasons. But again thank you so much. Also my son enjoys seeing the garbage truck every Tuesday."
  • Drawing From A Young Fan (Ridgefield, CT):

  • James from JP Gifford Market And Catering (Kent, CT): "Please let someone know we have a great driver. One of the nicest, most courteous and attentive guys I run into each week. His name is Corey."
  • Norma (Westbrook, CT): "Recently I was a customer of All American Waste and want to notify you of the exceptional customer service I received from some of the employees. A little background; I was making advance 'long distance' arrangements to clean out my mother's home in Westbrook, CT (I live in Northern VT). I spoke to Carina Shaw, explaining my plan to have a dumpster delivered before I arrived in CT, etc. Carina was extremely helpful by answering all of my questions and assuring me the dumpster would be on location. When I arrived in Westbrook, the dumpster was in the driveway and left room to swing open the back door for easy loading - that helped ! Once the dumpster was filled (a Sunday) I called Carina early Monday morning and she arranged for another empty dumpster to be delivered that day ! (I was definitely on a limited time schedule to complete the house cleaning.....). Then, for a third time, on Thursday afternoon, I requested another dumpster (#3), Carina arranged delivery that day. Wow, this was extraordinary customer service and so appreciated. I met the first 2 drivers, Scotty and Rob, and they were both wonderful truck drivers (not much room to maneuver ) and very friendly. Your employees were all great to deal with and made my work easier. Please let them all know how much I appreciated their help and service. I will certainly recommend your company to others in CT and speak very highly of your service. It was a pleasure to do business with a professional crew. Please give Carina my personal 'Thank You' for her sensational attitude and sense of humor !!"
  • Karen (New Milford, CT): "Just a 'thank you' for great service, professional drivers and weathering this brutal winter. Particular 'shout out' to my drivers on Mcnulty Dr. If I’m out they always wave, if trash doesn’t always make it in the truck, they pick it up. I really appreciate their work!"
  • Dana: "Thank you for making the 17th annual Source to Sea Cleanup a success! On Friday and Saturday, roughly 2,000 volunteers headed out on foot and by boat. While most of our groups were met by clear skies, several groups were undeterred by the rain. Together, they removed tons of trash from the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Each year, volunteers express their satisfaction at having been part of the cleanup. As volunteer Susan Norton exclaimed, “I love to think how I'm connected to everyone else on the river at this moment in time.” We could not have done this without you. Attached are a few photographs to give you a glimpse of what you helped to accomplish. As tallies and registration lists come in from our volunteer group leaders, we’ll begin compiling this year’s Cleanup Chronicle. When this publication goes out to our members and friends in December, it will include our sincere appreciation for All American Waste & USA Hauling’s support. We hope you’ll proud of the part you played in this wonderful event. On behalf of the river, our volunteers and the council, thank you for your generosity."
  • Ed Dobransky, Manager-Support Services (Sacred Heart University): "Thank you for your 'Ultimate' service to us at SHU. As always, All American can be relied on to provide whatever service is needed whenever and wherever!!!"
  • Joshua: "To the staff at all American waste! Thank you for your understanding and helping out a family in need these are the type of company's that will last and get great reviews. Thank you all American."
  • Ramesh (Danbury, CT): "As new customers of All American Waste my wife and I want to express our gratitude for the terrific job, prompt service and follow up. We couldn't be more pleased! From my first call to request an estimate, everyone was professional and pleasant to deal with. I’m very happy with the high quality of response and individual attention provided. Your pricing is competitive, and the service was impeccable. I am delighted to be able to recommend to my friends when I get the opportunity."
  • Shawn (Brookfield, CT): "I just happen to look outside when the garbage truck showed. I watched the driver unload both cans. The first can had something fall out of it on the ground. He stopped the truck, got out and made sure it was put into the truck. I know it does not sound like much but it is something I want to thank you for and thank the driver as he could have easily just drove away leaving the garbage on the ground. In a world were service does not seem to matter anymore and were people don't take any pride in what they do it was refreshing to see this. Thank you and thank you to the driver."
  • Nate (Danbury, CT): "..you are awesome! thanks for working with me and sorry for being such a pain. great customer service! such a pleasant experience. I will recommend you and your company to my family and friends!"
  • Ward (Ridgefield, CT): "I really meant what I said. It is like a breath of fresh air working with all of you. The quick responses and 'we will take care of it' attitude is awesome! I will recommend you guys to everyone I know."
  • Richard (Sherman, CT): "Thanks for the quick response. I am usually used to getting shoved here or there dealing with companies when anything is wrong with an account. You are very on the ball. You have the record for solving a problem with my account in the least amount of time." "After switching from my garbage company due to service issues I found that All American takes it to the next level when it comes to service. There open on Saturdays so you can speak with a live person! I called yesterday and spoke to a nice lady that listen, was able to supply me with all the information I was looking for and was able to rectify my issue. Something so simple that many companies forget about , Customer Service. Keep it up All American!"
  • (New Milford, CT): "What a great company. I have residential trash service with All American in New Milford. I forgot to put it out this past Thursday. I called explained that I forgot and they sent someone on Friday to pick it up. This is service! Way to be ALL AMERICAN! We appreciate your great service! Its the small things that make a difference."
  • "What a friendly staff. I ordered one of those containers because I was moving. I did not know much about them until I called All Amercian Waste. The rep was very through compaired to the other compaines I called. When all was said and done I would use them again."
  • "You guys are the best! On Jan 4th I didn't realize you were making your runs and didn't bring down my black bin. But you were kind enough to come back for a pick up at my place. Thanks again guys!"